Gertrude Stein at BAC

We are having a blast at the Baryshnikov Arts Center where we've just started a two-week residency. We're developing our newest work, This Is the Color Described By the Time, adapted from an early Gertrude Stein play. Sound designers Jim Dawson and Ben Williams are hard at work.

Live from Warsaw

Door 10 recently participated in the new Curie City pop-up performance series in Warsaw, curated by Joanna Klass and taking place in an old butcher shop. Door 10's Lily Whitsitt directed Karolina Szczypek's short play One in Seven, with Joanna Drozda, Piotr Polak and Joanna Krol channeling Oriana Fallaci, Susan Sontag, Sarah Kane, Leni Riefenstahl, and Diane Arbus.